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The Monastery

Discover the history of the cradle of Catalonia with a fascinating visit to the emblematic Monastery of Santa Maria de Ripoll. Visit one of the most beautiful and evocative buildings in Catalonia. The gatehouse, the basilica and the cloister together form a monastery complex that is unique in the world.

The Museum

Today it is one of the oldest ethnographic museums in Catalonia. Its exhibitions include collections related to shepherds, the rural population, trades, popular religion, the Catalan forge and wrought iron and portable firearms from Ripoll.

The Scriptorium

A permanent exhibition about the world of Ripoll’s monk scribes in the Middle Ages. It has interactive and educational displays that allow visitors to learn about the town’s cultural past, in the production and copying of manuscripts, some of which were among the most important in Europe.

The Palau Forge

Guided tour for groups to one of the last examples of a historical industry, the Catalan forge, which played a very important role in the industrial development of iron production in the 17th and 18th centuries.

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Plaça Abat Oliba, s/n

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Morning: 10 am to 2.00pm